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Sustainable Living Report 2010 / 2011

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Leading sustainability Why is food security such a strong focus for the PnP sustainability initiative? "Food security means every South African and every person on the planet has enough food to lead a healthy, active life. The opposite, food insecurity, is driven by factors like climate change, competing needs for agricultural land and volatile food prices. Food insecurity impacts negatively on individual livelihoods, retail supply chains and social stability. It impacts our customers, our supply chain and the society in which we operate. This means there is a strong business imperative for us to work for food security. But for Pick n Pay, it is also about working together, playing our part to build a viable future for Southern Africa. History has shown us that we take food for granted at our own peril. As a first step, we need to recognise the sheer complexity of the relationships between hunger, disease, poverty, corruption and conflict. We can no longer discuss food insecurity as if it could be reduced to a simple isolated problem; we can no longer think of solutions for food security solely in terms of technologies to increase the yield of a few cereal grains. We see knowledge sharing, cooperation and partnership as the beginning. Where we end will depend on how governments, companies and private citizens work together. We are certainly ready to be part of the solution." Gareth Ackerman, Chairman 8 How do you see sustainability contributing to your operations? "Although sustainability has been on our agenda for the past decade, it is only now that I am able to say with confidence that this way of thinking has taken hold within our Company. Tough trading conditions require us to focus, to become more efficient and more effective at delivering value. Every initiative must support our ability Sustainable Living Report 2010 / 2011 In conversation with the PnP Executive Steering Committee:

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